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El Capitan new mac OS X software

There is no question that the Mac operating systems have always been regarded as superior to Windows and that is the main reason why a large number of people are selling their current windows operated computers and switching to Mac. It’s always a more expensive kind of computer, but Mac offers reliability, speed and safety in ways that no other OS can. In this article we are going to be talking about the latest update to the Mac OS, which is completely free for anyone who own as Mac computer.

Split view

One of the great things about the latest update is that you can have two apps running simultaneously in split view and that is an excellent addition that a large number of designers, programmers and developers are going to find extremely useful and important. The best thing is that the divider is not static and this means that you don’t need to have a 50/50 split for your screen. You can do a 60/40, 70/30, etc.

Mission control upgrades

The Mission control looks pretty much the same as it did before, but there are some tweaks that you will be grateful to see. One of the most important is the tweak in the thumbnails that are now being displayed differently with a single layer instead of having the same app stacked in multiple windows. You can also find the apps on missions control much faster due to the use of app icons on each window. Organizing your desk has never been easier and that is what we take the most pride on.

Locate your cursor

This has been reported to happen to a lot of people when they use large workspaces. When you want to locate and track your cursor, you can do this by shaking your mouse. The cursor will get bigger for a few seconds in order for it to be easily spotted.


There has also been an improvement in the way that everything is notified to you. The management of a calendar and being able to keep everything updated has been turned into a much better feature. You will find this to be extremely useful for your needs.

Turn regular lists into checklists

This is also an organizational improvement and it can remind you of the tasks that you still need to get done. There is no doubt that a large number of things have changed and the focus on organizational improvements has been incredibly important.

Attachment browser

This is an excellent way to see the kind of attachments that you have and you are not going to have to remember the note that you put each one of them in. The best thing is that you will have your notes on your iPhone as well because it will sync to other devices.

Stronger photo editing

The photo editing features of the default app are much better and you can perform all kinds of editing on your photos that used would not be available in most default photo editors. The management of your photo libraries is not much easier as well.

A better online experience

Muting audio from any source without having to locate the source in a page is a plus. A much faster browsing experience in general can also be expected. You will also be able to play video from any webpage on your TV set by using the Apple TV feature that is also available with the new OS.


There is no doubt that the latest operating system update has been great and there are no serious bugs to report so far. It allows people to increase productivity and that is always the main feature that an operating system should provide.


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