Experience Greatness With The Nexus 6P

Experience Greatness With The Nexus 6P

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Nexus 6p
Nexus 6p

Get Ready To Experience Greatness With The Nexus 6P

the brand new nexus 6p

Huawei certainly built the Nexus 6p with the words different, unique and powerful in mind. And those words undoubtedly describe the Nexus 6p accurately. With it’s sleek design and powerful hardware, Every consumer should prepare themselves to experience the greatness of the Nexus 6p.

The Nexus 6p is very different from any other google phone on the market. It’s sleek metal design is most certainly a huge upgrade from the previous plastic Nexus 5X, and every other Nexus. Although the Nexus 6p is flat around the back with slightly tapered edges, it does feel extremely comfortable when held in one hand, although it still takes both hands to use it properly. This mobile phone is, after all, equipped with a 5.7-inch display.

nexus 6pThe Nexus 6p benefits from a 12.3 megapixel camera that does a superior job at capturing photos in low light. The Nexus 6p offers a new feature that allows you to capture video at a resolution of 4k with an average fps of 120 to 240, which is both impressive and entertaining.

The Nexus 6p features Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the latest android operating system released. Android 6.0 Marshmallow does not pose any significant differences than Android Lollipop, although it does add some new refinements and new functionality. One of the more noticeable adjustments would be the Nexus 6p’s power consumption. The Nexus 6p has the ability to remain uncharged for hours without use, yet still keep almost all of it’s juice. The battery consumption for the Nexus 6p is a new upgrade from previous versions.

With all mobile phones on the market, as great and powerful as they may be, there are bound to be some

nexus 6pcons.

There are a couple minor things about the Nexus 6p that may discourage some consumers. The Nexus 6p no longer offers white. Most of the promotional photos for the Nexus 6p featured a white model, therefore certain consumers may be disappointed to learn they will have to settle for aluminum and graphite hues. Another con is the price point. The Nexus 6p starts at $499.00 USD which is more expensive than any other Nexus phone on the market. The Nexus 6p made by Huawei is beautifully designed and quite powerful, however every consumer should get a chance to experience the Nexus 6p’s greatness, with a price point of $499.00 for some that may not be an option.

The Nexus 6p by Huawei is an extremely powerful mobile phone. The Nexus 6p is powered by a snapdragon 810 processor, along with 3 gigabytes of ram. The Nexus 6p supports 32, 64, or 128 gigabytes of upgradeable memory, making it one of the most powerful phone’s on the market.


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