Gorilla Glass 4: evolution in screen protection for smartphones

Gorilla Glass 4: evolution in screen protection for smartphones

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Gorilla Glass

Surely everyone panics about thinking of the possibilities of falling of their beloved smartphone at any moment of time and it is very common to happen.The new era of smartphones has brought a new phenomenon, a phenomenon that causes us to terror, no matter what smartphone you are using: the smartphone fall down and the screen is broken . Back when phones were fatter and with smaller screens we did not care much because nothing happened, but now avoid dropping your smartphone is critical for all of us. Obviously, there are companies which have attempted to improve this situation and in turn they have been paid for it. Among them stands Corning, which previously spoke as one of the winners in this new mobile era , even having a product Gorilla Glass far from perfect .

But it didn’t stopped trying to improve and wanted to bring better and superior products to market. And so the American company today introduced its latest iteration within the Gorilla Glass range, the Gorilla Glass 4 . What is special about this new glass? With Gorilla Glass 4, Corning promises to improve the problem of falls and consequent breaking screen, with improved glass to remain intact for 80% of the time you drop your smartphone at height of about one meter . Obviously this does not allow you to be completely reckless with your smartphone or tablet but may put up for most of falls you may have with your device throughout its lifetime.

However, we do not know if this new Gorilla Glass 4 is resistant to micro scratches , those scratches that more than one and two have had after not having been conscious about their smartphone or tablet and fuzzy for some time. One problem, though it is not as frustrating as having your screen completely destroyed, a scratch on the screen is something you can not stop watching once you know it and spoil the final image of your device. While playing wait and see if the Gorilla Glass 4 devices will be sold next year , something that happens almost certainly because Corning announced to be sending samples and sent to different companies unmentioned. To see if this iteration, Corning has hit the nail or not.


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