mSpy: Spectacular spy tool for phones or computers

mSpy: Spectacular spy tool for phones or computers

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mSpy mobile

Surfing the Internet, looking for new applications to talk about on the blog, I came across upon with an app call mSpy , an application for monitoring . At first I thought it was the typical “surveillance app” , but it surprised me and really made me to do this article. mSpy really is a monitoring software, very popular in the United States and more than a million users already using it.

What is mSpy?

mSpy is a monitoring software which allows both parents and chiefs keep watch over your children or your employees, following absolutely everything they do on their phone or on computer.

The smartphone version and the version for computers are different, although both have the same goal: to control each activity. Everything makes so undetectable as a “spy”.

mSpy for phone is easy to use and can be applied both to monitor what are your employees doing in work or to check what the children are up to . Check emails, text messages, calls received or made, calendar updates, call recordings and much more, all from a single control panel.


Mobile characteristics of mSpy

  • Call Control: allows you to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls and the exact details of these calls from time to the exact moment in which they were made.
  • Message Tracking: accesses all texting services like WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook, Viber and Skype among others.
  • Location tracking: using GPS can be configured to track the location of mSpy phone.Thus, you can know whether the worker is really behind in traffic or if a child is where he said he was going to be.
  • View all like from the browsing history until taken photos or videos, including calendar and contact book.
  • Application Control: decides which applications or programs can access the phone so that it does not do anything inappropriate.

The mSpy application is available for Android smartphones, iOS and BlackBerry.

Meanwhile, mSpy computer has the same objective as the mobile version but with other functions and features.

Features of mSpy computer

  • Take screenshots: screenshots allow you to review what they are doing on the computer without the need to constantly monitor, so that making a screenshot is to know what they are doing at the moment.
  • Proofreading: lets you check absolutely everything that was written on the keyboard, no matter it has been erased. Searches done on Google, Yahoo !, Bing or any other search engine, sent messages on Facebook, the written Word documents or emails are.
  • User activity: reporting time for each user, how long each session and at what time of the employees or children are employed. Used to detect or lazy to know better what your child is doing.
  • Using apps: displays the programs and applications that are used in the computer, with the time spent on each and everything related.

mSpy computer is available for Windows and MacOS.

It is a good monitoring application for parents or bosses who want to know what their children or employees, and in fact there are several bosses who could fire employees for their laziness or even to be reporting the movements of the company to its competition.This software also helped several parents to identify their children’s problems or prevent unwanted situations.

Get the mSpy now to enjoy all the benefits.



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