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Project Ara
Project Ara

GOOGLE’S PROJECT ARA – In the world we are living in today, the smartphone has become part and parcel of lives, hence being a very integral device for many people across the globe. However, most of us have either no say or little say in the making of the device, in particular how it looks or what it does. However, Project Ara by Google is working to eliminate this problem. Project Ara is a Google’s initiative aimed at developing an open hardware platform which can create highly modular smartphones.

The modular smartphones are those which users can change each component, whereby they have the chance to choose what they want. The Project Ara smartphone is meant to allow everyone to build their own smartphone by choosing your preferred features. For instance one may want to spend more on higher memory and less on camera.


The Project Ara by Google intends to sell the phone for a certain price, and then make a Google Play-like module store where users can purchase modules to upgrade or swap malfunctioning modules. The modules will be available at both the official Google store and third-party stores owned by third-party developers who are working with the Project Ara Project Ara

The modules will provide the common smartphone features for instance speakers, cameras. They will also provide more specialized features such as receipt printers, night vision sensors, laser pointers, Pico projectors, game controller buttons, as well as medical devices. In addition, they possess a unique protection for the modules using electropermanent magnets.


The modules will be hot-swappable. This means that users can change them without having to turn off the device first. Even batteries can be swapped out since they come with a reserve.

Project Ata by Google will lower the entry barrier for manufacturers of phone hardware, allowing many developers compared to the few operating currently. This will greatly reduce hardware pricing.

Project Ara by google


The modular smartphone will have a lower battery life by 25%.

The Project Ara phones are thicker and heavier because of the modular design.

The smartphone will require a trade-off between modularity and volumetric efficiency. However, modularity would bring about a difference of less than 25% in power, size and weight.


Project Ara by Google symbolizes the more increasing technology and innovations in the world. It is a great initiative that would give people freedom to choose how their smartphones will look and function, amongst other things. A pilot programme will be launched in 2016 and carry initial test market in US. Therefore, it won’t be long before this great technology becomes available for everyone globally.


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